docuvita 2.0 - Nightly Builds

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  • Build 19.4.1219.7265
  • erstellt am Freitag, den 22. November 2019
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Client:Fixed typo in config file #DV2-2485 Fixed

    -docuvita.Admin:Fixed bug where licenses of an updated DEMO-System weren't reactivated. #DV2-2483 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server:Fixed a bug while loading konfigurations of an inactive 2fa plugin. #DV2-2482 Fixed

    -docuvita.Client:Fullscreen mode from pdf.js can now be left by pressing ESC. #DV2-1976 Fixed

    -docuvita.Admin:Slightly improved connection behavior of docuvita.Admin.Client while install process. #DV2-2479 Fixed

    -docuvita.Admin: Switched to the correct version 1.17.4 of nginx for windows #DV2-2468

    -docuvita.Server:Replaced the Exception for unknown cultures with a warning. In case of an unknown culture the English number format will be used. Made sure that en-EN (which is an invalid language identifier) doesn't occur anywhere. #DV2-2431 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed currency issues. The server now assumes that all currency values transported via interfaces are in an English number format #DV2-2354 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web:Fixed some bugs which occurred with handling of saved searches. #DV2-2293 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server:Server settings and user settings can now a size of 2GB varchar(max). #DV2-2471 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server:Useremail field in usersessions allows now up to 900 chars. #DV2-2372 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web:AddToWorkspace region is now completely stateful. #DV2-483 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web:Fixed stackimport viewer display bug when viewer is collapsed and stackimport window was moved or resized. #DV2-456 Fixed

    -docuvita.Admin: Added process call to nginx -v to output nginx version in info log of docuvita.Admin #DV2-2470 Fixed

    -docuvita.Admin:Updated nginx form 1.13.1 to 1.17.5 #DV2-2468 Fixed

    -docuvita.Admin: License reactivation now waits for all products to be loaded initially #DV2-2467 Fixed

    -docuvita.All: Raised global version to 19.4

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Added new replacement variable @@FOLDERPATH@@ which contains the full path to the source file (while @@FOLDERNAME@@ only contains the top level folder name). Both variables are usable in ParseFilename and ParseAll modes. #DV2-2453 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Temporary/permanent access rights assigned by workflows had no effect when used with user groups. #DV2-2457 Fixed

    -docuvita.Client:Check on outlook availability will not be triggered anymore from general information log output #DV2-2465 Fixed

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler:Implemented new functionality to visually check barcode results #DV2-2435 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server:Fixed bug where lookupplugins for different systems wouldn't work #DV2-2455 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server:Reviewed system deactivation implementation and tested different scenarios #DV2-1882 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web:Unknown fileextensions are now shown in three column view. #DV2-2437 Fixed

    -docuvita.Tools:The youtrack changelog now contains css and base64 encoded images which will make it transportable in one single html file. #DV2-2447 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: Annoying typo has been fixed. Workflowroles assignment view could not be loaded anymore. This typo crept in at the beginning of Oktober 2019 #DV2-2441 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: Old workflows didn't show their user formular when displayed via the workflow designer. #DV2-2299 Fixed

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: Prevent termination of OCR process due to empty pages ("Failed to detect image orientation"). #DV2-2421 Fixed

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: (Critical) Prevent identical temp file names between instances that could result in wrong preview documents. #DV2-2418 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server:Fixed big with duplicate usersettings and added UNIQUE constraint to usersettings table #DV2-1794 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server:OTP Plugin now supports changing the database location

    -docuvita.Server:Completed implementation of 2FA functionality #DV2-1947 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Further implemenation of otp 2fa plugin.

    -docuvita.Server: Further implementation of 2FA Plugin functionality

    -docuvita.Web:Selected items in objectlist are now deselcted before a list reload. #DV2-2346 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web:Problems displaying currency values in property grid while switching to another object should be fixed. #DV2-2263 Fixed
    -docuvita.Server:OTP plugin has now configurable service endpoints.

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed bug in OTP two factor authentication plugin DV2-2009

    -docuvita.Server: Systems can now have different color themes #DV2-1300 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server:Finished implementation of two factor authentication functionality #DV2-2009 Fixed
    docuvtia.Server:Further implementation of password check for workflow tasks. Only a connection to using tasks is needed. #DV2-1947 In Progress

    -docuvita.Server:Finished first working implementation of two two factor authentication plugins (password and totp)

    -docuvita.Server:Implemented two factor authentication plugin and functionality

    -docuvita.Server: Start implementing 2FA Authentification

    -docuvita.Server:Implementation of a new RegisteredSystem status which will be used if systems are deactivated because of licensing issues. #DV2-1882 In Progress
    Still need to check for access on the status field.

  • Build 19.4.1219.7265
  • erstellt am Freitag, den 22. November 2019
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    docuvita.Client:Fixed typo in config file #DV2-2485 Fixed

    docuvita.Admin:Fixed bug where licenses of an updated DEMO-System weren't reactivated. #DV2-2483 Fixed

    docuvita.Server:Fixed a bug while loading konfigurations of an inactive 2fa plugin. #DV2-2482 Fixed

    docuvita.Client:Fullscreen mode from pdf.js can now be left by pressing ESC. #DV2-1976 Fixed

    docuvita.Admin:Slightly improved connection behavior of docuvita.Admin.Client while install process. #DV2-2479 Fixed

    docuvita.Admin: Switched to the correct version 1.17.4 of nginx for windows #DV2-2468

    docuvita.Server:Replaced the Exception for unknown cultures with a warning. In case of an unknown culture the English number format will be used. Made sure that en-EN (which is an invalid language identifier) doesn't occur anywhere. #DV2-2431 Fixed

    docuvita.Server: Fixed currency issues. The server now assumes that all currency values transported via interfaces are in an English number format #DV2-2354 Fixed

    docuvita.Web:Fixed some bugs which occurred with handling of saved searches. #DV2-2293 Fixed

    docuvita.Server:Server settings and user settings can now a size of 2GB varchar(max). #DV2-2471 Fixed

    docuvita.Server:Useremail field in usersessions allows now up to 900 chars. #DV2-2372 Fixed

    docuvita.Web:AddToWorkspace region is now completely stateful. #DV2-483 Fixed

    docuvita.Web:Fixed stackimport viewer display bug when viewer is collapsed and stackimport window was moved or resized. #DV2-456 Fixed

    docuvita.Admin: Added process call to nginx -v to output nginx version in info log of docuvita.Admin #DV2-2470 Fixed

    docuvita.Admin:Updated nginx form 1.13.1 to 1.17.5 #DV2-2468 Fixed

    docuvita.Admin: License reactivation now waits for all products to be loaded initially #DV2-2467 Fixed

    docuvita.All: Raised global version to 19.4

    docuvita.AutoProfiler: Added new replacement variable @@FOLDERPATH@@ which contains the full path to the source file (while @@FOLDERNAME@@ only contains the top level folder name). Both variables are usable in ParseFilename and ParseAll modes. #DV2-2453 Fixed

    docuvita.Server: Temporary/permanent access rights assigned by workflows had no effect when used with user groups. #DV2-2457 Fixed

    docuvita.Client:Check on outlook availability will not be triggered anymore from general information log output #DV2-2465 Fixed

    docuvita.AutoProfiler:Implemented new functionality to visually check barcode results #DV2-2435 Fixed

    docuvita.Server:Fixed bug where lookupplugins for different systems wouldn't work #DV2-2455 Fixed

    docuvita.Server:Reviewed system deactivation implementation and tested different scenarios #DV2-1882 Fixed

    docuvita.Web:Unknown fileextensions are now shown in three column view. #DV2-2437 Fixed

    docuvita.Tools:The youtrack changelog now contains css and base64 encoded images which will make it transportable in one single html file. #DV2-2447 Fixed

    docuvita.Web: Annoying typo has been fixed. Workflowroles assignment view could not be loaded anymore. This typo crept in at the beginning of Oktober 2019 #DV2-2441 Fixed

    docuvita.Web: Old workflows didn't show their user formular when displayed via the workflow designer. #DV2-2299 Fixed

    docuvita.DocumentServices: Prevent termination of OCR process due to empty pages ("Failed to detect image orientation"). #DV2-2421 Fixed

    docuvita.DocumentServices: (Critical) Prevent identical temp file names between instances that could result in wrong preview documents. #DV2-2418 Fixed

    docuvita.Server:Fixed big with duplicate usersettings and added UNIQUE constraint to usersettings table #DV2-1794 Fixed

    docuvita.Server:OTP Plugin now supports changing the database location

    docuvita.Server:Completed implementation of 2FA functionality #DV2-1947 Fixed

    docuvita.Server: Further implemenation of otp 2fa plugin.

    docuvita.Server: Further implementation of 2FA Plugin functionality

    docuvita.Web:Selected items in objectlist are now deselcted before a list reload. #DV2-2346 Fixed

    docuvita.Web:Problems displaying currency values in property grid while switching to another object should be fixed. #DV2-2263 Fixed
    docuvita.Server:OTP plugin has now configurable service endpoints.

    docuvita.Server: Fixed bug in OTP two factor authentication plugin DV2-2009

    docuvita.Server: Systems can now have different color themes #DV2-1300 Fixed

    docuvita.Server:Finished implementation of two factor authentication functionality #DV2-2009 Fixed
    docuvtia.Server:Further implementation of password check for workflow tasks. Only a connection to using tasks is needed. #DV2-1947 In Progress

    docuvita.Server:Finished first working implementation of two two factor authentication plugins (password and totp)

    docuvita.Server:Implemented two factor authentication plugin and functionality

    docuvita.Server: Start implementing 2FA Authentification

    docuvita.Server:Implementation of a new RegisteredSystem status which will be used if systems are deactivated because of licensing issues. #DV2-1882 In Progress
    Still need to check for access on the status field.

  • Build 19.3.1205.7234
  • erstellt am Dienstag, den 22. Oktober 2019
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Server: Ensure change type works within workflow and with AutoCalc fields. #DV2-1431 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: OperationPlugins can now run full-text queries. #DV2-2381 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Added #USER.OBJ.MAILFROM as variable for #USER rules (as an alternative syntax for #USER.OBJ.MAILADDRESS). #DV2-2377 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed security issue where deletion admins could retrieve information from other systems. #DV2-2367 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Added system guid to external log db filename. #DV2-2193 Fixed

  • Build 19.3.1198.7198
  • erstellt am Montag, den 16. September 2019
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Server:Passwordmails are only sent for standard logins

    -docuvita.Web: Extended buttons, with a custom function, run into a server error, therefore the custom function was transfered into its own data field 'CustomFunctions'. #DV2-2357 Fixed

    -docuvita.WinClient, docuvita.DocumentServices, docuvita.Server: Updated library for mail preview and data extraction. #DV2-2351 Fixed

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: fixed rotation for OCR of black+white documents. #DV2-2296 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed CleanDuplicates service for AES encrypted documents. #DV2-1403 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: The LookupPlugin will now auto select a result, if exactly one match was found. DV2-2330: Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: The Clickprofiler validation will now accept trailing or leading currency signs (€ and $) and will still parse the found number in the selected currency field. DV2-2329: Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: Workflow submit buttons are now able to get a dynamic function, which will be called during a click event. DV2-2328: Fixed

    -docuvita.Setup:Set condition for vcredist packages to x64

    -docuvita.ArchiveLinkConnector: Added MIME types for common file formats. #DV2-2326 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Importing currency values now respects service account's regional settings. #DV2-2321 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: CleanDuplicates operation now also covers object links. #DV2-2260 Fixed

    -docuvita.SystemLink: Workspace searches for external records now respect result set paging. #DV2-2319 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web:Added default encoding fallback for mails with content header "x-user-defined". #DV2-2145 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web:Fixed flickering datefields in import timespan selection #DV2-2211 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: Object->New now sets the cursor initially into the name field #DV2-2273 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: @COLOR values are now working again even if the field is not editable #DV2-2303

    -docuvita.ScanClient:Fixed a bugs while reading barcodes from pngs #DV2-2312 Fixed

    -docuvita.Admin:If the document.service configuration runocrinprocess is changed the product now shows that it needs a restart.

  • Build 19.3.1187.7171
  • erstellt am Dienstag, den 20. August 2019
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: Fixed wrong page orientation after OCR. #DV2-2296 Fixed

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: Updated OCR engine to Tesseract 4.1

    -docuvita.Web:Implemented new validation mechanism for number and float values captured by the clickprofiler (#DV2-2195, #DV2-1908) Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: Improved activation behaviour of clickprofiler. It should only be activated when an open field editor is active. (#DV2-1886, #DV2-1833, #DV2-2147) Fixed

    -docuvita.Web:Fixed display problem of objects tab which was introduced with version 19.2.1137.7059 (see also DV-2222) #DV2-2282 Fixed

    -docuvita.Client: Fixed problem with file access rights for resources for client plugins #DV2-2279 Fixed

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: Prevent deadlocks when calling OCR in separate process. #DV2-2199 Fixed

  • Build 19.3.1182.7160
  • erstellt am Freitag, den 9. August 2019
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: OCR is now performed in separate process (as it used to be until v19.1). Behaviour can be changed in DocumentServices configuration. #DV2-2176 Fixed

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Reverted changes for logging of license details when AutoProfiler starts (as no further log of actual processing was written)

    -docuvita.Server: Exporting to concatenated PDF now contains PDF fonts from source documents. #DV2-2255 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server:Fixed some project references

    -docuvita.Oem:Improved import for ivoris. Its no possible to import documents via dispatched dvImport and using templates from ckmapping settings #DV2-2249

    -docuvita.Setup:Adjusted some project build settings

    -docuvita.Web:Deactivated renderer for readonly fields #DV2-2253 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web:AddToWorkspace now saves column state #DV2-2226 Fixed

    -docuvita.Admin: Added missing translation #DV2-2228 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Export into PDF now also supports using file encryption. #DV2-2224 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed bug where object could be created below a virtually deleted object. #DV2-2209 Fixed

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler:Added log output into log file #DV2-2197 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server:Download of multiple batch import sets and its log #(DV2-2178,DV2-185) Fixed

    -docuvita.Server:Server no more logs errors like "UnRegisterEventSubscriber". #DV2-2187 Fixed

  • Build 19.3.1172.7145
  • erstellt am Donnerstag, den 25. Juli 2019
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Client:Fixed a typo in the client setup

    -docuvita.Client:Fixed missing polish translations

    -docuvita.Server:Mails for bad imports are now send correctly again. (#DV2-2183, #DV2-2071) Fixed

    -docuvita.Admin:Improved logging behavior and logging ui. (For Details see ticket) #DV2-2181 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server:Connectionstrings for database are not shown anymore in server log. Instead the connection name is displayed. #DV2-2179 fixed

    -docuvita.Web:Fixed currency precision for german clients. #DV2-2154 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server:Custom object fields are now read only in history metadata #DV2-2165 Fixed

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: Fixed wrong page orientation after OCR for sample documents

    -docuvita.Web:Fixed bug in DownloadManagement where empty lines were displayed. (#DV2-2065, #DV2-2169, #DV2-2072) Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: The fields for the technical description/documentation are now visible in the workflow designer. #DV2-2158: Fixed

    -docuvita.Admin:Errors during elevation to "Log on as service" are now ignored. Please check log to identify those issues.
    docuvita.Server:Fixed problem with a corrupt sequence in some old databases

    -docuvita.Client:Introduced OpenFilePollingInterval[ms] configuration option. Just add <add key="OpenFilePollingInterval" value="2000"/> to appsettings of docuvita.client.exe.config. Default value is 250 ms.

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed AutoCalc evaluation for object background task. #DV2-1734 Fixed

  • Build 19.3.1162.7121
  • erstellt am Montag, den 1. Juli 2019
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita:Switch version to Q3

    -docuvita.Server: version date stamp is now handled correctly for new document versions with changed profile. #DV2-2098 Fixed

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Added percentage value validation and help text for barcode scan region

    -docuvita.Server: Translations for SYS_WORKFLOWS translated to culture from active user whenever possible

    docuvita.OEM:s+f Embedded service now uses database language again

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: Changed OCR library to version without AVX flag (can run on CPUs without AVX)
    docuvita.AutoProfiler: Added scan zones for barcode recognition, in percent of image size
    docuvita.Server: Added object write blocker for SetParent operation

    -docuvita.Web: Implemented a new E-Mail-Actionfield to exclude users that already have done the task.

    -docuvita.Workflow: Added description fields for workflow actions/fields

  • Build 19.2.1157.7111
  • erstellt am Freitag, den 21. Juni 2019
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Client:Creating inbox with empty folder or name is not possible anymore. #DV2-2093 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web:Added missing translations for formular fields in workflow task configuration. #DV2-2096 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server:Missing configuration file for system link plugin no longer produces an error in log output

    -docuvita.Server: Added validation for UserList fields to ensure that they are of type "numeric". #DV2-2113 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed AutoCalc when updating the specified object. DV2-1734:Fixed
    -docuvita.Server: Optimized object write locks to prevent stale imports. #DV2-2108 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed security issue where unauthorized callers could retrieve private system information (e.g. mail configuration and storage paths) #DV2-2097 Fixed

  • Build 19.2.1154.7093
  • erstellt am Montag, den 3. Juni 2019
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.ArchiveLinkConnector: Optimized docProt tests

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Updated barcode parsing engine. Optimized contrast for barcode recognition in black/white mode

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: Enabled parsing of files with "jpeg" extension (mostly for E-mail attachments)

  • Build 19.2.1152.7090
  • erstellt am Freitag, den 31. Mai 2019
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Admin:Fixed wrong part size of backup zips #DV2-2090 Fixed
    docuvita.Admin:External log databases are now saved within database backup. (They are only restore-able manually yet) #DV2-2091 Fixed
    docuvita.Web:Fixed bug with line breaks in multi-line fields which where introduced with custom field rendering two versions ago. #DV2-2092 Fixed

    -docuvita.Setup:setup now installs .net 4.5.2 and Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 and 2010 (x86/x64)

    -docuvita.Web:Implemented buttons for the property grid. #DV2-2070 Fixed
    There are two different approaches for displaying buttons in the propertygrid:
    First of all you have to create a new field and define fieldname, fieldprompt, visibility, and set fieldlookuptype to "Submitbutton"
    1. Display One Button: To display one button simply fill the FieldValue (used for defaultvalues also for other fieldtypes). This value will be returned in FieldValueString property of that field when the button is clicked.
    The fieldprompt will be used as the button text.
    2. Display More buttons: To display more than one button in a row activate the IsListType checkbox and fill the field Lookupvalues and ListValuesString. Each line will represent a button. The Lookupvalues are the button texts and the ListValuesString are the values which.
    Example: LookupValues = "ButtonText1,ButtonText2" ; ListValuesString = "buttonvalue1, buttonvalue2"
    This creates too buttons where buttonvalue1 is returned when the first button is clicked and buttonvalue2 if the 2nd button is clicked.
    Further more: Use CANCEL as button value to allow the user to exit the task.

    -docuvita.Setup:Add packages for Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3 (x86/x64) to setup

    -docuvita.Client:Fixed encoding problems with mails in msg format. #DV2-2061 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web:First implementation of formular buttons
    -docuvita.Workflow: PropertyUpdateAction now supports type attribute to change object type of underlying object.

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: Enable extraction of TIFF files in mails. #DV2-2073 Fixed


    -docuvita.Client:Added support to disable cpu acceleration for cefsharp due to black screen errors with intel GPUs. (Start client with /FSR:True)

    -docuvita.Server:Implementation of custom validation scripts. #DV2-2035 Fixed
    It's now possible to configure small javascripts in serversettings with a key beginning with "CustomCalidationScript_scriptName". Object or workflow fields can than be decorated with a option "CustomRenderer":"scriptName" which will be called when the propert frid is rendered. A simple script could for example check two values and set another field. Example:
    function(property, val, meta, rec) {
    var gridStore = property.grid.getStore();
    var nettoRecord = gridStore.findRecord('FieldName', 'NETTO');
    var bruttoRecord = gridStore.findRecord('FieldName', 'BRUTTO');
    var isCorrectRecord = gridStore.findRecord('FieldName', 'isCorrect');
    var nettoValue = parseFloat(nettoRecord.get('value'));
    var bruttoValue = parseFloat(bruttoRecord.get('value'));

    try {
    if (val != null && val !== undefined && !Ext.isEmpty(val.trim())) {
    if (Ext.isNumeric(nettoValue) && Ext.isNumeric(bruttoValue)) {
    var bgColor='';
    if (Math.round(nettoValue *1.19*100)/100 === bruttoValue) {
    nettoRecord.set('Backgroundcolor', bgColor);
    bruttoRecord.set('Backgroundcolor', bgColor);
    isCorrectRecord.set('Backgroundcolor', bgColor);
    isCorrectRecord.set('value', isCorrectRecord.get('LookupValues')[1]);
    } else {
    nettoRecord.set('Backgroundcolor', bgColor);
    bruttoRecord.set('Backgroundcolor', bgColor);
    isCorrectRecord.set('Backgroundcolor', bgColor);
    isCorrectRecord.set('value', isCorrectRecord.get('LookupValues')[2]);
    -docuvita.Server:Fixed bug where reactivation token was not saved at server side #DV2-2066 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: LookupPlugins are now able to listen to each other and are updating related fields on data change.
    -docuvita.Server:Csv lookup plugin now supports dynamic csv file loading

    -docuvita.Setup:Added two missing libraries (OpenMcdf.dll,RtfPipe.dll)

    -docuvita.Server:Implemented new lookupplugin for csv files

    -docuvita.Web:Fixed small bug in client side error handling

    -docuvita.Server:Errors while creating and updating registered systems are now shown to the user #DV2-2010 Fixed

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: New setting for DataLookups to separate PerPage and PerDocument lookups

    -docuvita.Client:Implemented new MailClient with interop functionality for outlook. Settings can be overwritten through docuvita.Client.config, docuvita.Cleint.dvSettings or command line args with the value /MailClient:Auto|Outlook|MAPI
    docuvita.Client:It is now possible to attach documents from docuvita to currently open mailitems in outlook via context menu, object menu and version menu
    docuvita.Client:It is now possible to send original or preview document of a specific version

    -docuvita.Client:Mails can now be send via outlook interop functionality.

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed error message when trying to create a new version on checked-out document

  • Build 19.2.1136.7058
  • erstellt am Montag, den 29. April 2019
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Web:deactivated reconnection dialog

    -docuvita.Server:Fixed problem with reactivating sessions

    -docuvita.Workflow.EmailAction: Bugfix. If a EmailAction was configured to "SendToAllAssignedUsers: Not set/No/false" the field "FromAddress" of the Action was ignored.

  • Build 19.2.1126.7047
  • erstellt am Donnerstag, den 18. April 2019
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

  • Build 19.2.1124.7047
  • erstellt am Donnerstag, den 18. April 2019

    -docuvita.Server:Missing dll's for plugins now produce an error message
    -docuvita.Client:Fixed handling with "Umlaut"'s in mails

    -docuvita.Server:Improved push services to docuvita clients

    -docuvita.Server: Optimized batch import log and object log outsourcing to external db.
    This update requires a database schema update to v19.2.1122.7046 (possibly long duration for update)

    -docuvita.WinClient: Fix for certain mail headers in E-Mail preview. #DV2-1940 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web:Added missing translations #DV2-1971 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server:Fixed handling of incomplete versions in backup instance

    -docuvita.Web: Temporary fix for task list refresh after task completion by user

    -docuvita.Server: Reduced batch size for batch import log outsourcing to 100 batch imports (from 1000) per iteration

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: Fixed OCR for Brother scanner device-generated PDF files in black&white

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: Hotfix for page handling in new OCR process.
    docuvita.Server: Hotfix for object write lock management

    -docuvita.Server: New batch import replacement variable %dy% ("date-year") for current year.

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: Fixed bug in orientation detection handling for new OCR

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Fixed slow processing of CSV files #DV2-1424 Fixed

    -docuvita.Setup:Raised current version to 19.2

    -docuvita.Client: Client now supports barcode validation via serviceextension and clientplugin. (#DV2-1150, #DV2-1897) Fixed

    -docuvita.Setup:Fixed bug in setup routine (searching for docuvita services) #DV2-1970

    -docuvita.ScanClient: Further implementation of barcode scan functionality for scan client via serviceextensions

    -docuvita.ScanClient:Fixed bug with logging

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Exported configurations are now stored as "inactive" to prevent processing when imported in other environments. #DV2-1967 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server:Fixed handling of currency values

    -docuvita.Server:Implemented resource fallback scenario. So if a resource was not translated the English one will be inserted.
    docuvita.Server:Implemented polish translation #DV2-1906 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: The userlist will now filter its search values by the technical name and display name.

    -docuvita.Server:It's now possible to restrict maximum concurrent users for each system and for the whole server. #DV2-1923 Fixed
    For the whole server add a configuration key to dwadmin.configuration:
    INSERT INTO [dwadmin].[configuration] ([application],[section],[key],[value],[description]) VALUES ('Server','Restrictions' ,'MaxConcurrentUsersAllowed',2,'Maximal concurrent users')
    For a system add an entry to dwadmin.serversettings:
    INSERT INTO [dwadmin].[serversettings] ([settingkey],[systemreference],[settingtext]) VALUES ('MaxConcurrentUsers',1,'2')

    -docuvita.Server:Fixed bug where workflowroles with a "-" in it were not displayed in the grid

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: Introduced new OCR package based on Tesseract

    -docuvita.Web: The user list will now be sorted alphabetically.
    docuvita.Web: Changed the icon of the workflow task log by user actions.
    docuvita.Web: Fixed a display bug for workflow actions in the workflow designer.
    docuvita.Web: The workflow actions in the workflow designer will now be sorted alphabetically.

    -docuvita.Web: Clarified the error message for external downloads.
    docuvita.Web: The filter in the workflow tasks tab has now a filterlist of current running workflows for the user.
    docuvita.Server: GetTasks-Service will now return a List of affected workflows for the specified user.
    docuvita.Web: Added a hover text in the userlist field, which will display the username, id and email address when specified.

    -docuvita.Web: First implementation of the workflow task log by user actions.
    docuvita.Workflow.EmailAction: Adjusted the description text for body replacement by recipient user.
    docuvita.Web: Fixed a bug for the userlist field. The Description of a user will be used if specified instead of the username.

  • Build 19.1.1105.7011
  • erstellt am Mittwoch, den 13. März 2019
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Admin:HOTFIX- Fixed bug with reading of 18.4 Licenses. Licenses >19.1 should still work

  • Build 19.1.1104.7010
  • erstellt am Dienstag, den 12. März 2019
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Web:Fixed mobile barcode url

    -docuvita.Web: Userlists will now display the user description(fullname) if specified, otherwise the username will be used.

    -docuvita.Web: PDF preview now opens with collapsed sidebar

    -docuvita.Server: Implemented object write lock mechanism to prevent concurrent writes of user and background services. #DV2-1469 Fixed
    docuvita.Server: External log databases are now split between object metadata logs and batch import logs.
    docuvita.Server: External log databases can be stored in configurable locations (see system configuration). Default for object logs is normal file store, default for batch import logs is import store.
    docuvita.Server: New maintenance task for migrating first implementation of external logs to current one.

    -docuvita.Server: external log databases are now split between batch import and object logs

    -docuvita.Server: OfficeDocumentPropertyAction now supports excel to pdf convertion as well.

    -docuvita.Server: Implemented external reference for public downloads. #DV2-1870: Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: Implemented a new download type for external downloads.
    docuvita.Server: Implemented the new logic for the new external download type.

    -docuvita.Server: Outsourcing of batchimport and object log data to external file databases.
    Attention: this update triggers a database schema update and will start long-running background tasks for large existing systems. Large databases should be shrinked after completion of the background process and a database statistics update should be performed.
    Achtung: dieses Update spielt ein Datenbank-Schemaupdate ein und startet die Log-Auslagerung als Hintergrundprozess, der bei großen Datenmengen lange Laufzeiten haben kann. Für große Datenbanken wird nach Abschluss des Prozesses ein Shrink der Datendateien sowie ein Statistik-Update empfohlen.

    -Further implemented batch import log export to external database

    -docuvita.Server: Further migration of batchimport logs to file based DBs

    -docuvita.Server: Further implementation of migrating batch import logs from database into files

    -docuvita.Server: Move batch import logs out of main database to file databases

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: Fixed infinite loop bug while trying to extract text from password protected office files. #DV2-1887 Fixed

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: Fix WMI service call when values are unavailable. #DV2-1894 Fixed

    -docuvita.Admin:License activation errors regarding contract definitions are now exposed to the user by message
    -docuvita.Client:Added custom protocol handler support (docuvita://...) for dvRunQuery. (see usage of dvRunQuery) #DV2-1898 Fixed
    docuvita.Client:Added new query mode SEARCH to perfrom full text index queries via dvRunQuery. (see usage of dvRunQuery) #DV2-1693 Fixed
    docuvita.Client:Improved timing for different dvRunQuery.

    -docuvita.Client:Implemented client protocol for dvRunQuery

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed bug where existing object is not relocated by loctype/locvalue statements in batch import.

    -docuvita.Admin:Changed encoding in backup instruction files to UTF-8
    -docuvita.Workflow: Added workflow action for DOCX property handling

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Fixed reading of german "Umlaut" characters in QR codes when encoded in ANSI/ISO8859-1. #DV2-1852 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server:Adding a new system will now lead to a correct error message if no valid licenses exist #DV2-1865 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: Fixed a bug where a WorfklowAction configuration window would overflow the current application. #DV2-1851: Fixed

    -docuvita.Admin:Show standard licenses as activated if they are.

    -docuvita.Admin:Initial configuring of log folder won't lead to an error anymore

    -docuvita.Admin:IMPORTANT: Admin client now needs .NET Framework 4.5.2
    docuvita.Admin:Installation only create a daily backup if no other already exists.
    docuvita.Admin:Download client in fat admin client will now show progress
    docuvita.Admin:Installation language is now detected. OS Display culture will be used
    docuvita.Admin:Fixed bug with undefined paths in start installation dialog
    docuvita.Admin:Update cefsharp to version 71

    -docuvita.Client:Client now shows up in the right zoomfactor

    -docuvita.Web:PDF viewer now supports searches
    docuvita.Web:PDF viewer no loads correct language resources

    -docuvita.Client:Updated cefSharp from 57 to version 69

    -docuvita.Admin:Fixed bugs in license activation handling
    docuvita.Admin:Log level of products can now be configured in docuvita.Admin
    docuvita.Admin:Logs can now be viewed in docuvita.Admin

    -docuvita.Server: Fix for using obj.SubElementOf in extended rules

    -docuvita.Server:Fixed bug with currency values in different countries #DV2-1712 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: workflow current task list filter can be inverted by prepending "-" sign, e.g. -test to leave out all "test" occurrences.

    -docuvita.Admin:Addon licenses for additional systems and lookup provider

    -docuvita.Client:Adjusted interval of watcher component of open files (DV2-1823)

    -docuvita.DocumentServices:Fixed error while extracting and losing database connection #DV2-1777 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web:Improved click profile behaviour

    -docuvita.Client:Fixed bug where after a double click on a favorite folder the open dialog was displayed. #DV2-1824 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Included Systemname in subject. #DV2-1832: Fixed

    -docuvita.Client: Pdf's are now shown in new pdf viewer of windows client stackimport #DV2-1834 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Implemented a new feature to abort a MultiUser-Task with a specified TaskResult.
    docuvita.Web: Implemented configuration options in the user formular in a workflow task to specify the MultiUser-Task abort results.
    docuvita.Server: A TaskFormValidationScript can now abort a workflow task with TaskFormValidationStatus.AbortTask.
    docuvita.Server: Fixed a bug in the GetObjectsForRoot-Service which lead to an eternal loop when the object count was equal to the page size. Fixed bug where login screen wont show up

    -docuvita.Server: Implemented history logging for external downloads.
    docuvita.Web: Fixed some minor bugs in the external download creation form.

    -docuvita.Server: Changed %Value to ##Value## as placeholder for text replacement in the external download to keep it constistent with an EmailAction and AutoProfiler configuration.
    docuvita.Web: Fixed the display field for external downloads when the download time is unlimited.

    -docuvita.Server: Improved download doc functionality

  • Build 2.0.1051.6865
  • erstellt am Donnerstag, den 18. Oktober 2018
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.WinClient: Fixed mail attachment parser that attachment names with commas can be used. #DV2-1715 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Ensure GetTree/GetList operations function for API users with full access permissions

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Translation to English completed

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: UI fixes. #DV2-1726 Fixed

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Umlaut characters are now correctly extracted from QR codes. #DV2-1683 Fixed

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Updated barcode recognition library

    -docuvita.Server:Fixed bug where a password reset leads to an error

    -docuvita.WinClient: Updated PDF viewer component to fix rendering bugs

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Added english translations for Configurator (still incomplete)

    -docuvita.Admin:Fixed bug where backup files ending with *.z* has not been removed

    -docuvita.Client:Reduced idle time for update manager

    -docuvita.Admin: Fixed error with download client handlers

    -docuvita.Admin:On linux no more messages boxes will open when database maintenance window is open

    -docuvita.Client:Client checks for an update now directly on start

    -docuvita.client:Changed connection test URL to info

    -docuvita.Admin:Tabs are hidden during installation and update processes
    docuvita.Admin:Initial log directory is now in server account appdata directory
    docuvita.Admin:CLick on download links now shows waiting symbols
    docuvita.Setup:Added some missing translations
    docuvita.Client:Increased timeout from for client connection from 10 to 20 seconds

    -docuvita.Workflow: Fixed workflow history with userlist so that user name appears in "eye" view

    -docuvita.Server: Extended access rules can use instead of obj.objectid field reference. #DV2-1660 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: Removed grouping in workflow model list to allow sorting etc. #DV2-1665 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Batch deletion stops affected workflows in virtual delete mode. #DV2-1655 Fixed

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: Prevent service crash when trying to process illegal PDF file. #DV2-1624 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: Fixed a bug in the stackimport window where the object type was changed, when the object type had a field definition with a USERLIST.

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed GetHistory service for API user. #DV2-1640 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Random passwords sent by E-mail can now be used instead of default passwords

    -docuvita.Workflow: Fix ODBC record count when SQL statement is logged in workflow action

    -docuvita.Web: Implemented a new button in the system configuration to send an individual password instead of the standard password for each user.

    -docuvita.Server: Autocalc expressions now generate warnings when referenced value types are null. #DV2-1634 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: Click on workspace breadcrumb now navigates to workspace element again. #DV2-1622 Fixed

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Fixed bug in text replacement where new unified replacement logic was used. (HOTFIX for 2.0.1015)

    -docuvita.Server: Workflow multi-user tasks now correctly resolve group membership (linked members and direct members)

    -docuvita.Admin:Fixed another two typos in translations

    -docuvita.Admin:Fixed typo in language resource

    -docuvita.Admin:Implemented installation proces translation
    docuvita.Admin:Minor bugfixing regarding translation issues
    docuvita.Setup:Translated Advanced Options Window

    -docuvita.OEM:Upgraded all projects to .NET Framework 4.5.1

    -docuvita.Server: Ensure plugin calls always work even if host registration is not "localhost". #DV2-1596 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: Implemented a feature to log users for roles or user/groups on a workflow task.

  • Build 2.0.1013.6758
  • erstellt am Dienstag, den 3. Juli 2018

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: Timeout for PDF thumbnail and text extraction (1 minute). #DV2-1599 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Workflow now handles TASK.TASKDESCRIPTION replacements correctly. #DV2-1606 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Batch import via AutoProfiler can now correctly parse complex workflowValue arguments with commas

    -docuvita.Server:Fix in Objectbackgroundtask. Now restrictions are considered correctly

    -docuvita.Web:Replaced old es5 polyfills with new es6 conform polyfills

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed bug for field format validation with field type "USERLIST"

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Updated IronPython to version
    docuvita.Services: Fixed bugs in Admin_GetSystemCustomization and Admin_SetSystemCustomization services

    -docuvita.Server: E-mail action now allows to send individual mails to each recipient, and ##USERID##, ##USERNAME## and ##USERFULLNAME## replacement in body and subject.

    -docuvita.Admin:Reinstalling docuvita.DatabaseService now changes port in postgres.conf and creates backup of existing default connection

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: script path may also use @@ value replacements. #DV2-1582 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed "Key not found in dictionary" bug when moving document(s) with type change. #DV2-1577 Fixed
    docuvita.AutoProfiler: Updated version to 2.4.560.0 #DV2-1576 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Implemented field format check. #DV2-463 Fixed Barcode scans are now removed from inbox after a successful upload.

    -docuvita.Web: added "data privacy protection" as delete reason. #DV2-1565 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web:Clicking link objects in object list will now correctly select corresponding objects in navigation tree #DV2-417 Fixed handling for multiple ivoris systems and only one docuvita system

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed file extension handling for service extension plugins

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Data lookups now filter invalid \0 terminated strings

  • Build 2.0.1005.6733
  • erstellt am Freitag, den 8. Juni 2018
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Web: Fixed a bug in the propertyGrid and workflowActionGrid, which occurred when special characters where used in the field description.

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler:Fixed a little layout bug in configurator sciprt tab

  • Build 2.0.1004.6730
  • erstellt am Dienstag, den 5. Juni 2018
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Web: no more error message when configuring custom fields for object type "user". #DV2-1571 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Creation date of first document version matches object's creation date. #DN-120 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web:Added viewer support for text based files
    docuvita.Client: Added preview for PY, JS, PHP files #DV2-1312 Fixed

    -docuvita.Client:Improved support for file handling. It now supports process bound files (like notepad) Be aware that programs like notepad++ are still not supported because they a opening multiple documents in a single program instance.
    docuvita.Client:Implemented configurable file handling by extension. You can now configure file handling for every file extension in the configuration file "%APPDATA%\docuvita.Client.exe.openFileSettings". (use JSON beautifier to make the file readable) Possible configuration values are (strip comments, it's not working with it):
    "DOCX": { //Configured file extension
    "ForbidOpening": false, //Forbids opening files i.e. EXE,COM
    "ForbidEditing": false, //Forbids editing
    "AlwaysOpenWith": false, // Always shows a open with dialog. This is only usable for viewing files or the opened program is locking the document.
    "AskBeforeOpening": false, //Always ask before opening or editing a file. i.e. Execution protection for script files
    "Executable": "WINWORD.EXE", //Program to open the file with
    "Arguments": "/n \"@@filename@@\"", //Arguments to add to the executable. Use @@filename@@ for parsing the file path
    "WaitForInputIdle": true, //Wait for the opening program to idle before continuing (not supported by all programs)
    "StartObservingAfterMs": 6000, //Wait the configured time before begin observing the document
    "SleepAfterProcessStartMs": 250, //Sleep for the configured time after the process was started
    "TriesToAccessExclusivelyBeforeClosing": 4, //Number of tries before assuming a files was closed (every try takes one second without the first one)
    "ProcessBound": true, //Waiting for the process to close before exiting observation
    "SetArchiveFlagIfChanged": true //If a file change is recognized the archive flag will be set which leads to a new version dialog
    }, (#DV2-1313,DV2-1036) Fixed

    -docuvita.Server:Backup now logs corrupted files while backup and continues

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed bug where import of documents is rejected if user has create-and-read-only access rights.

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed bugs in new object type / access rules export+import service

    -docuvita.Server: Ensure security update is triggered after ACL creation/modification/deletion. #DV2-1555 Fixed

  • Build 2.0.1000.6719
  • erstellt am Freitag, den 25. Mai 2018
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Server: new services GetVersionFulltext and SetVersionFulltext to retrieve and correct extracted fulltext data. #DV2-1436 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: Fixed double file extensions when downloading attachments from mail preview.

    -docuvita.Web: Translation fixes. #DV2-1519 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Prevent database updates without changes for custom fields (Objecttypedefinition). #DV2-1510 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Fix for file handling bug during parallel uploads via API

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: Prevent service crash during extraction of full text data to file share after update

    -docuvita.Web: Added two new columns to the aclRightsList which will display to which userid/username the specified rule is defined for.

    -docuvita.Server: WorkflowActionHost can now retrieve task assignments for MultiUser tasks.

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed ## field replacement for SetWorkflowValueAction

    -docuvita.Server: system customization service does no longer set "allowed parent types" as type IDs do not match between systems

    -docuvita.Web: Added a hovertext for workflow actions, which will describe the specific field.

    -docuvita.Web: Improved the dragging and typing experience of the configuration window for actions in the workflow designer.

    -docuvita.Web: Fixed a visual bug where the deleted entry was still shown in the workflow values, workflow actions and workflow form in the workflow designer.

    -docuvita.Web: Fixed a bug which created an invalid transition for the end-task for a new workflow in the designer.
    docuvita.Web: Fixed a workflow designer bug, which reset the workflow layout after saving the workflow.

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Optimized error messages in ODBC tester

    -docuvita.Server: allow UPC (user@domain) style windows logins (no single sign on yet!).

    -docuvita.Server: New option to trigger sub object maintenance on object change

    -docuvita.Workflow: Ensure queries via workflow API respect the system reference

    -docuvita.Server:WorkflowOdbcAction now logs sqlstatement
    -docuvita.Server: Fixed a bug in the EmailAction which lead to an incorrect splitting of address fields.

    -docuvita.Workflow: Ensure only current tasks are displayed when no date from/to values are specified by user

    -docuvita.Workflow: StartWorkflowAction allows to start another workflow from a running workflow

    -docuvita.Web: Task form validation errors are shown correctly. #DV2-1464 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web:Documents and folders are now shown correctly after opening them in a new tab.

    -docuvita.OEM:Only need plugins for brand are build

    -docuvita.Server:Created region for brand specific initialization operations
    -docuvita.Server:Implemented support for different languages for database installations (currently only for pgSQL)

  • Build 2.0.977.6653
  • erstellt am Dienstag, den 20. März 2018
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Limit processing to 1000 documents per batch. #DV2-860 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Batch delete job now also removes full text files. #DV2-1444 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web:Fixed bug where object tabs are not accessible

    -docuvita.Admin:Database maintenance window should open now under linux

  • Build 2.0.975.6649
  • erstellt am Freitag, den 16. März 2018
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Client: Client now supports /LOG:[DEBUG|ERROR|INFO|WARN]
    docuvita.Client: Show log (STRG-F8)
    docuvita.Client: Set log temporarily to DEBUG (STRG-F9)

    -docuvita.Client:Fixed a small bug where a viewer overlaps a window

    -docuvita.Web: Fixed type ahead functionality in form combo boxes (#DV-1299, #DN-42) Fixed
    docuvita.Client: Improved drag behavior
    docuvita.Web:Removing an just added favorite does not clear favorite list anymore
    docuvita.Web:Fixed typo in object tab labels
    docuvita.Server:Editing user doesn't lead to password reset for this user
    docuvita.Server:Local admin can now see api keys

    -docuvita.Server: object type XML templates can now use PostImportScripts (again). #DV2-1446 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Batch import does not remove semikolon (;) characters in object attributes. #DV2-1434 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: Fixed new version window for Safari web browser

    -docuvita.Workflow: New action "SetDeleteFlagAction"

    -docuvita.Mobile: Lock drop-down fields in property grid

    -docuvita.Web:Task html form now has autoscroll

    -docuvita.Web: Adjusted the column description and order of the acl list.

    -docuvita.Web: Included permanent access rights granted by workflows to the acl list of an object.
    docuvita.Web: Added "Date"-Columns for acls in the acl list of an object.

    -docuvita.Web: ACL window now also shows permanent access rules created by workflows

    -docuvita.Workflow: Shortened workflow log when using AppendWorkflowLogAction
    docuvita.Workflow: When sending E-mails with EmailAction, subject can be replaced with a generic text by using ProxySubjectForLog property
    docuvita.Workflow: PropertyUpdateAction can now relocate objects using obj.Parentobject="new-parent-id" syntax
    docuvita.Server: AutoCalc now properly supports other data types, e.g. DateTime calculations such as @@Top('obj.Datecreated').AddYears(2)@@
    docuvita.DocumentServices: NeedsIndexing flag now supports a (alpha) PDF check mode (set needsindexing=5. Results: 0=valid PDF, 20=invalid PDF)

    -docuvita.Admin:Changed location of temporary file for proxy (nginx)

    -docuvita.Web: Added the checkbox for appending a PDF file to an existing PDF in docuvita by increasing its version number.

    -docuvita.Server: New function "Append PDF as new version"

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed bug where no allowed objecttypes are returned in special circumstances

    -docuvita.Server: Show error message when CleanDuplicates service is called with non-existent key field. #DV2-1413 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server:Now the log reports an error if the connectionstring is invalid

    -docuvita.Web:Added two missing translations
    -docuvita.Web:Fixed bug with html workflow templates

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed handling of approval status code in workflow and queries.
    docuvita.Server: Index queries now allow obj.<fieldname> syntax, e.g.: ~~obj.approvalstatuscode:(2 OR 3) AND test*

    -docuvita.Web:Fixed bug in new version dialog
    docuvita.Web:Fixed bug in workflow html template functionality

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: new script type "PerPage" and new script variable "pageText". #DV2-1393 Fixed
    docuvita.Admin: updated nginx web server to 1.13.8 "Violet"

    -docuvita.Server:Changes to set version number functionality
    -docuvita.Web: Show new document version entry in dimmed grey before file upload is finished (version status -1, "preliminary")

    -docuvita.Server: Unified code for document version generation to ensure correct handling for new version number

    -docuvita.Server: Implemented service to change version number of an existing version

    -docuvita.Server:Api authentication module now supports the same rights as an import user

    -docuvita.Web:Had to deactivate auto expand for tree elements while external drag operations
    docuvita.Client: Improved drag & drop functionality

    -docuvita.Client:Now the correct initial objecttypes are chossen when initiating a stack import via drag and drop
    docuvita.Web:Fixed a bug where a hidden window is blocking further windows from opening
    docuvita.Client:Fixed a bug where stack import windows doesnt show up at all after drop

    -docuvita.Web:It iss now possible to expand tree structure while external drag & drop

    -docuvita.Web:Implemented version increment style for new version window

    -docuvita.Web/docuvita.Server: Logic and UI for incremental or custom version numbering

    -docuvita.Mobile: Ensure all object properties are read-only

    -docuvita.Server: New version numbering and free version label logic

    -docuvita.Server:Implemented GetExportSet functionality for workflowactionhost

    -docuvita.Server:Fixed error introduces in last build regarding session management

    -docuvita.Server: First implementation of version numbering / auto-incrementing / custom version labeling

    -docuvita.Server: Updated PDF viewer/extraction module to allow processing ABBYY OCR'ed documents

    -docuvita.Server:Fully implemented api user functionality

    -docuvita.Web: Added the objectname in the acl-window title.

    -docuvita.Server: Prevent server-side double processing of completed tasks in workflow module

    -docuvita.Web: First implementation of the access control list for a single object.

    -docuvita.Web: The object property rights tab will now remember if it was collapsed or not and keep that state after a page reload. #DV2-1315

    -docuvita.Server: extended searches can now use #USER[NAME] and #USER shortcuts for the currently logged in user.

    -docuvita.Web:Workflow submit button is now disabled after first click to suppress doubleclick

    -docuvita.Client:With LinkClientPlugin you can configure button to open websites in new windows

    -docuvita.Server:Added brand specific start up check
    docuvita.AutoProfiler:Added brand specific start up check
    docuvita.AutoProfiler:Configurator now allows opening of testbenches for
    docuvita.Web:Corrected display bug in object tab buttons
    docuvita.Web:Locked objects are displayed grey now
    docuvita.Web:System objects are displayed blue now

    -docuvita.Web: Adjusted the appearance of the objecttype grid.

    -docuvita.Client:dvRunQuery fileimport now starts stackimport
    docuvita.Web:Changed layout of extended object rule creation to table due to display problems with vbox

    -docuvita.Server: New object status "system" and "locked"

    -docuvita.Server:Fixed bug in restore process where a database timeout leads to an full abort of the whole restore operation

    -docuvita.Server:It is now impossible to create a new field without specifying the type of it. #DV2-1341 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web:Implemented console output for window stack (to see which windows blocks other windows)

    -docuvita.Admin:Closing Login-window now reloads page in windows client

  • Build 2.0.958.6565
  • erstellt am Freitag, den 22. Dezember 2017
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: Updated OCR engine to V9.2.8186.1. #DV2-1104 Fixed

    -docuvita.Admin:Fixed some typos

    -docuvita.Admin:Improved update/install wizard functionality

    -docuvita.Client:Fixed reference to docuvita.Client.Viewer

    -docuvita.Setup:Renewed and relocated codesigner certificate

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed bug where same system-link'ed object could not be added to two docuvita systems

    -docuvita.Server: WordBookmarkReplacementAction in workflow now converts to PDF if configured

    -docuvita.WinClient: Updated PDF viewer component to version

    -docuvita.Server: Prevent triggering object path maintenance if path has not changed

  • Build 2.0.942.6534
  • erstellt am Dienstag, den 21. November 2017
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed object/security maintenance after rule updates that used cached rule definition instead of updated one.

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed bug where first user-defined field could not be created for an object type

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed removing temporary access rights when workflow is stopped

    -docuvita.Web:Multiline configuration now possible for objecttypedefinition (use detail form not accessible over grid)

    -docuvita.Server:Fixed message text when ntlm user is used for standard login #DV2-1289 Fixed
    docuvita.Client:LibreOffice, OpenOffice files are now handled as office documents #DV2-636 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Ensure temporary access rights are correctly removed when current workflow is terminated by user.
    docuvita.Server: Preparations for management of ACLs (access rights) for objects

    -docuvita.Web:Selected row is now slightly darker #DV2-1293 Fixed

  • Build 2.0.932.6528
  • erstellt am Mittwoch, den 15. November 2017
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Server: Hotfix / workspace object types are now filtered correctly in quick search

    -docuvita.WinClient: Fixed language resources for Microsoft Office AddIns. Fixed saving/versioning of existing documents via Office AddIns

    -docuvita.Server: Optimized query performance for PostgreSQL databases

  • Build 2.0.931.6526
  • erstellt am Montag, den 13. November 2017
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Server: New API method ImportAPI_StartImport to start batch imports that were already uploaded but not started yet

    -docuvita.Server: Re-enabled expression evaluation for #TODAY/#HEUTE etc in default values. #DV2-1219 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Prevent database deadlocks when editing custom fields. #DV2-1235 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Security fix: configuration data for registered systems is no longer exposed without administrative authentication. #DV2-1286 Fixed

    -docuvita.WinClient: Fixed scanner compatibility with DEVELOP/KonicaMinolta TWAIN drivers. #DN-95 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: FieldLookupType in WorkflowValues is now loaded correctly #DV2-1276 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web:Added language resource for html form task

    -docuvita.Web:HTML form values from workflow task must now refer to a value in the defined propertygrid for the corresponding task
    docuvita.Server:Taskformhtml is now correctly initialized in task creation

    -docuvita.Server: Extended access rules now accept object types in expressions, e.g.

    -docuvita.Web: Fixed a bug with the interpretation of the property grid.

    -docuvita.Admin:Corrected log directory from standard installation #DV2-1222 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web:Implemented dialogs before unsaved work is lost for propertygrid and notes #DV2-275 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Renamed the TaskTemplate field 'Taskformhtml' to 'TaskFormHtml'.
    docuvita.Web: Added tool-tips in the object type definition list for the header of a column.
    docuvita.Web: It is now possible to use a property grid and a HTML formular at the same time for a WorkflowTask.
    docuvita.Web: Added a field to configure the workflow values validation script in the workflow designer.
    docuvita.Web: Changed the Font to 'Courier' for the HTML formular and expert for an improved readability.

    -docuvita.Server: Preparations for HTML forms in workflow tasks

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Changed RegEx check in barcode process to case insensitive (as with all other RegEx checks). #DV2-1262 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web:Dialog which pops up before changes in property grid are lost now supports canceling the whole action #DV2-539 Fixed
    docuvita.Web:It is now possible to disable the switching of start and object menu by a view setting which is saved in user profile #DV2-1215 Fixed
    docuvita.Web:Checkbox for history filter is now true by default and saved in usersettings
    docuvita.Web:Unset user settings are now filled with value of the default profile
    docuvita.Admin:Fixed bug in backup functionality. (probably only a bug bug which occurs in debug environment)

    -docuvita.Client: Fixed wording issue in client setup. #DV2-1263 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: object type ID is now available in pre-/postimport scripts. #DV2-1244 Fixed

    -docuvita.Admin: Prevent selection of unaccessible folders in backup destination. #DV2-1256 Fixed

    -docuvita.Admin:Fixed manual activation link #DV2-1247 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: Implemented drag'n'drop functionality for the workflow values table to reorder the workflow values.

    -docuvita.Web: Fixed a bug where a click beside the accessright icon of an unselected object type would open up the rightspicker in the extended rule configuration. Now this is only possible for selected object types.

    -docuvita.Web: Fixed a bug where the object type grid of an extended rule could not contain more than 25 object types. #DV2-1240 Fixed

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Mail subject texts are trimmed (blanks removed from start and end) to allow for expression checks (e.g. StartsWith)
    docuvita.WebClient/WinClient: Mail subject texts are trimmed for better viewing in preview pane

    -docuvita.Server: new XML import element <deleteLinks /> to remove all links for a given object. #DV2-1237 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: Fixed a bug which occurred when editing multiple workflows through the workflow designer. The configuration tabs user formular, actions, transitions always showed the recent opened workflow in every configuration tab. (#DV2-1241, #DV2-1202) Fixed

    -docuvita.Web:navigation in web client is now collapsable

    -docuvita.Server: Added Auto-Calc method "Me('fieldname')" to process field values of current object

    -docuvita.Web: Added the new functionality to configure Workflow Values in the Workflow Designer.

    -docuvita.Web:First implementation of html form driven workflow task processing
    docuvita.Client:It's now possible to start client plugins from workflow task in html form

    -docuvita.Web: Removed the red arrows ('dirty marks') in the object type grid and extended rule tree for extended rules.

    -docuvita.Web: Implemented a closing dialog for creating/editing extended rules to save or discard possible unsaved changes before closing the extended rule tab.

    -docuvita.Web: Fixed the bug which caused the object type table of extended rules to scroll automatically, if a object type was selected or a new access right was assigned.

    -docuvita.Web: Implemented buttons to copy and paste a complete extended rule configuration.

    -docuvita.Web: After successfully replacing a rule element (node) through CTRL+V, the new inserted rule element (node) will be selected.
    docuvita.Web: The user dialog before replacing a node through CTRL+V and deleting a node will be focused on the 'No'-option. To quickly select the 'Yes'-option press TAB once.

    -docuvita.Web: The AccessRight for an object type in the object type table in an extended rule configuration will now be set to 'Not Assigned' should the object type be deselected.

    -docuvita.Web: Changed the separation of multiple values in a condition for an extended rule element from ',' to return (multiline).

    -docuvita.Web:Fixed the identification of the extended rule tab. Now the correct entries in the rule configuration (tree) will be edited or deleted. #DV2-1226:Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: Removed the white bar on top of the users and groups list for extended rules.

    -docuvita.Web: Implemented a button in the extended rules list of a user to edit the selected rule.

    -docuvita.Web: Adjusted the extended rule grouping and rule list by increasing the space between the icons and align them in the center of the column.

    -docuvita.Web: Reduced the minimal width of the description column for extended rules to hide horizontal scrolling by default for a better user experience.

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed auto-calc "Next" expression
    docuvita.DocumentServices: PdfExtractor handles documents via Autostore_PdfExtractor if available
    docuvita.Client: Added document up-/download functions to client plugin interface

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Fixed character escaping (&quot;) in regex expressions inside XML import templates

    -docuvita.Admin:It is now possible to enter database management even in linux environment by pressing "CTRL" while hitting the button

    -docuvita.Client:Fixed bug in scan client where adding files (staple) doesn't work
    docuvita.Client:Fixed check for .NET Framework versions. Setup checks for .NET Framework 4.5.2
    docuvita.Web:Newly added workspace objects are now inserted at the top of the tree.
    docuvita.Admin:Improved display of product paths

    -docuvita.Server: Speed up log-in and general application performance

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: IMAP mail fetcher - fix handling of spam mail in combination with Trend Micro Anti Virus

    -docuvita.Client:Fixed bug with adding document via staple action

    -docuvita.Setup:Fixed typo in server setup main window #DV2-1207 fixed

    -docuvita.Server:For the moment deactivated display of document space

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Fix logging when mail content parser has no messages to delete ("Deleting messages")

    -docuvita.Update:Increased time span between two update checks from 10 seconds to 30 minutes

    -docuvita.Server: skip error message from ODBC system link when no configuration file exists
    docuvita.Server: skip logging of info requests (by docuvita.Client auto-update service)
    docuvita.Server: migration of old (v1.9) indexes now starts from newest to oldest entries

    -docuvita.Server: Ensure document folders are created during index migration from version 1.9

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed sorting by new "DocumentDate" column

    -docuvita.Admin:Added some missing image resources

    -docuvita.Server:It's now possible to use variable expressions in queries (example:=@@TODAY@@ or =@@YESTERDAY@@.AddDays(2) )

  • Build 2.0.907.6479
  • erstellt am Mittwoch, den 27. September 2017
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: Prevent exporting document for index-only operations. #DV2-1191: Fixed

    -docuvita.Server:Fixed problem in windows authentication while determining group

    -docuvita.Server:Server now backups and restores fulltext index files too

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: correct deletion of temporary files during DocumentServices task (indexing, encryption,...)

  • Build 2.0.905.6477
  • erstellt am Montag, den 25. September 2017
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Web: Added a feature to open up and edit multiple workflows at the same time with the workflow designer.

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed error in calculation of hierarchic access rights

    -docuvita.AdminClient:Fixed bug introduced in last build which leads to a crash of AdminClient

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed auto-calc function for object types without customized fields

    -docuvita.Web: Fixed bug in the user form, where it was impossible to add new form fields to a workflow task.

    -docuvita.Web: Adjustments for the loading mask and workflow designer buttons.

    -docuvita.Admin:Changed logo of admin web page and other image resources

    -docuvita.Web:Finished stackimport improvements

    -docuvita.Admin:Activated simple setup for docuvita installations (only postgres support now)
    docuvita.Client:Further implementation of inbox. You can now drag folder from inbox (some functionality is still missing)
    docuvita.Web:Further improvement of Stackimport. It's currently not operable though.

    -docuvita.Admin: Fixed bug in WMI when certain values are not provided by the system (Docker)

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed bug for exports with deep tree structures. #DV2-1178 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: (TEST) batch imports are now processed sequentially, not parallel

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed bug in autocalc function for numeric fields

    -docuvita.Web:Disabled property field now uses correct text color #DV2-1138 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed bug in WebGetMyWorkspace service when result set is empty

    -docuvita.Web:Fixed appearance and bugs in stack import functionality

    -docuvita.Web:It's now easier to apply types and properties in stack import

    -docuvita.Web: First implementation of the new workflow designer.

    -docuvita.Client:Fixed dvRunQuery file deletion during user context changes

    -docuvita.Server: The BusinessExtendedRuleSecurity will now write the scope for a extended rule.
    docuvita.Web: Implemented the views and viewlogic for scope, access rights per objecttype and hierarchic for extended rules.
    docuvita.Web: Added a column in the extended rule grid to display, if a rule is a hierarchic rule or not.

    -docuvita.Client:Small adjustments to auto login functionality

    -docuvita.WinClient: Bigger thumbnails and smooth scrolling in scan window

    -docuvita.Web:Fixed bug where object list shows loading screen after a search was fired with multiple files selection in the old view #DV2-1141 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: First implementation of external download functionality (data)

    -docuvita.Server:Database brand can now be defined via configuration table

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: URL ending with /services/web is automatically cropped to /services

    -docuvita.Server:Database brand can now be defined via configuration table

    -docuvita.Admin:Now correct paths for dvServerBackups are used
    docuvita.Workflow:Word document bookmark replacer now works as expected to settings.xml are now automatically recognized without server restart
    docuvita.Client:Implemented configuration parameter "UseBrowserForFileExtensions" (see docuvita.client.exe.config)

    -docuvita.Client:Introduced new dvRunQuery parameter /SingleResult:[Standard|DisplaySearch|DisplayObject|DisplayParent] which affects the view of the object for queries which only have one result

    -docuvita.Server:Fixed bug when setting workflow role assignments #DV2-1126 Fixed

    -docuvita.Client:Fixed display bug where another preview overlaps stackimport windows #DV2-1129 Fixed
    docuvita.Web:Adjusted width of Objecttypedefinitionlist

    -docuvita.Client: Fixed drag and drop bug on Win 2008 R2 Server. Client has to be started in SafeMode (/SafeMode:true ord via docuvita.Client.exe.config). #DV2-1125 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Introduced separate column for auto-calculation expressions in custom fields.

    docuvita.Server: Fixed errors with auto-calculated fields
    docuvita.Server: XML validation for objecttype templates, #DV2-1118
    docuvita.Server: Ensure that date-based queries without time do not
    return items from next day
    docuvita.DocumentServices: unified file encoding for full-text files on
    repository to UTF-8

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Added instruction label for handling options in CsvContentParser

    docuvita.DocumentServices (and other modules): full text data collected
    from documents are now stored in TXT (or encrypted AES) files on file
    repository instead of database. Trigger command "needsindexing=4" is set
    for all version records.
    docuvita.Server: new feature to calculate and inherit field values

    -docuvita.Workflow: Allow variable parsing (@@ values) in workflow form definition. Other data types than string are converted from FieldValueString if possible.

    -docuvita.Admin:Corrected new filestore address reference in backup restore functionality

    -docuvita.WebClient: Added checkbox fields for field inheritance to the objecttype form and list.

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Fixed CsvContentParser for CSV files without header line. #DV2-1115 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: Fixed the functionality of the preview button of an object to be aligned with the drag functionality. #DV2-1104 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: Adjusted the appearance of objecttype userdefined fields.

    -docuvita.web:Visually implemented new standardfield documentdate

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: Added SystemReferenceId to IExtractor interface

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed bug where AutoCalc values where not calculated for object relocation

  • Build 2.0.864.6414
  • erstellt am Montag, den 24. Juli 2017
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

  • Build 2.0.863.6414
  • erstellt am Montag, den 24. Juli 2017

    -docuvita.WinClient: Fixed sending E-mails from the client application. #DV2-1094 Fixed

  • Build 2.0.850.6394
  • erstellt am Dienstag, den 4. Juli 2017
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Client:Installation calls for client now supports the following parameters (caseinsentitiv):
    -q, -quiet, -s, -silent = silent install //Quiet-Installation
    -install //Runs setup in installation mode (default, if not set)
    -update //Runs update Update
    -repair //Runs in repair mode. Used to change parameters and features
    -uninstall //Runs setup in uninstallation mode
    -debug //Asks if a debugger should be used
    -log c:\temp\install.log //Writes installation protokoll
    InstallAutoUpdate=[false|true] //Toggle's installation of auto update feature (Tip:Disable in terminal server environment)
    InstallOutlook=[false|true] //Toggle's installation of outlook feature
    InstallOffice=[false|true] //Toggle's installation of office feature
    InstallPrinter=[false|true] //Toggle's installation of printer feature
    InstallFolder, InstallLocation //Folder to installation directory
    DvSettingsServerUrl //Url used to connect to server (https://localhost:443/server/services by default)
    DvSettingsServerSystemAlias //Alias of system to connect to (empty by default)
    DvSettingsSingleSignOn=[false|true] //Use integrated windows login (false by default)

    -docuvita.Client:Scan window will be closed when client is closing
    docuvita.Admin:Improved license activation handling during guided installation
    docuvita.Server:Corrected bug when no culture could be determined
    docuvita.Client:dvRunQuery now supports a parameter for the system (/SYSTEM:<SystemName|SystemGuid|SystemId|SystemAlias>) Use SystemGuid for private Systems #DV2-796 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed bug where cache never timed out (e.g. for displaying mail properties)

    -docuvita.Workflow: Hidden properties are now also hidden in appended workflow log

    -docuvita.Server: Optimized workspace search so that commas (e.g. in names) can be used as expected. #DV2-1068 Fixed

    -docuvita.Admin:Now starts up after update or install automatically

    -docuvita.Client:Refactored handling for opened and checked out files.

    -docuvita.Server: Allow customizing of standard fields (USERCREATED, USEREDITED, ...). #DV2-1052 Fixed

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Automatic detection of file encoding for input files in XmlContentParser

    -docuvita.Client:Fixed handling of executable files

    -docuvita.Client:Fixed resizing bugs
    docuvita.Client:Scanwindow now remembers last size and position
    docuvita.Client:Scanwindow can know be configured to stay in foreground (use settings ribbon button)

    -docuvita.Workflow: Fixed bug when completing tasks introduced in build 2.0.833

    -docuvita.Client:Completely removed transparency from all windows (therefore /SafeMode:true is now obsolete)

    -docuvita.Client: When downloading a file the explorer will no longer be opened
    docuvita.Client: Fixed scaling problems and other minor display bugs

    -docuvit.Client:Drag handler now recognizes transparency check too

    -docuvita.Client: Added switch /SAFEMODE, /SM to activate/deactivate some features like transparency

    -docuvita.Client:Added flag Safemode in order to disable transparency in client

    -docuvita.Server: Ensure batch imports run within separate thread.

    docuvita.Server: fixed error message for unknown fields in batch import.
    -docuvita.Client:Implemented Shutdown functionality for dvRunQuery calls. Cient shutsdown fater to seconds of dvrunquery logoff

    -docuvita.Client:Found bug which leads to crashes on terminal server environments. (Turn off allowTransparency for MainWindow)

    -docuvita.Branding:Introduced variable brandname for use in wix-bundles

    -docuvita.Branding:Introduced NormalizedProductName and global refactoring to allow spaces in directories and also access registry keys

    -docuvita.Client.Setup:Introduced normalized productname for using in techincal environment like wix id's

    -docuvita.Client.Setup:Included OEM specific product description in setup views

    -docuvita.Server:Fixed typo in database script

    -docuvita.Admin:Closes SSE Channel when session times out

    -docuvita.Admin:Fixed bug where first backup leads to an admin crash #DN-67 Fixed
    docuvita.Admin:Fixed bug where account validation runs endless
    docuvita.Admin:Improved logging while installation process

    -docuvita.Client: (Experimentel workaround for DV2-194) Use only if your client crashes during minimize, maximize, dragin, dragout operations. Introduced client run parameter /SM:true /SINGLEMONITOR:true which strips maybe for a display bug responsive code which is responsible for correct monitor behaviour. bug in database script introduced in last version

    -docuvita.Web: Fixed backward compatibility of server. Newer server works now with older (not asyncjs) windows clients

    -docuvita.Client:Fixed small bug when showing scan window

    -docuvita.Client:Added some further logging for debug modes

    -docuvita.Client:Fixed bug where inbox files could not be deleted #DV2-991 Fixed autoprofiler to retry failed uploads registry entries. Client needs initial start before working with fibudoc #DN-35 Fixed bug with reading splitbookings #DN-66 Fixed
    docuvita.Admin: fixed bug while account validation during migration #DN-68 Fixed
    docuvita.Client.Addins: Outlook addin now has correct oem name

    -docuvita.Client:Fixed bug in setup packages which aborts repair if no .net package is accessible accounts in splitbookings are now ignored

    -docuvita.Web:Fixed bug with updating clients from normal Client's to AsyncCefSharp-Clients

    -docuvita.Client:Implemented progress bar for client download while automatic update

    -docuvita.Admin:Fixed bugs where transferring index doesn't report success
    docuvita.Server:Added second url for Client download (https://localhost/server/services/client)
    -docuvita.Client.Setup:Fixed small bugs
    docuvita.Update:Fixed bug where wrong progress was reported

    docuvita.Client:Added client update projects to docuvita.Client solution

    -docuvita.Client.Setup:Localization and Branding

    -docuvita.Client.Setup:Functionally finished new client setup (Globalization and Branding still missing)
    docuvita.Update:Finished implementation of client update


    -docuvita.Setup:Further Implementation of docuvita.Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Setup:Further implementation of new docuvita.setup.Client

    -docuvita.Client:Further implementation of new Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Client: First step towards setup bundle

    -docuvita.Client: Changed setup MSI to bundle for new printer (Windows 10 Anniversary Edition compatible)

    -docuvita.Update:Finished first implementation of docuvita update

    -docuvita.Client:Refactoring needed for RegisterAsyncJSObject adjustment
    docuvita.Web:Refactoring needed for RegisterAsyncJSObject adjustment

    -docuvita.Client:Started refactoring of cefsharp's RegisterJsObject(deprecated) to RegisterAsyncJsObject.
    -docuvita.Update:Further implementation

  • Build 2.0.796.6324
  • erstellt am Dienstag, den 25. April 2017
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Workflow: New replacement variables "TASK.TaskAssignedToUsersAndGroups" and "TASK.TaskAssignedToRoles"

    -docuvita.WinClient: Fixed PDF rendering bug when setting initial zoom level. #DV2-957 Fixed

    -docuvita.Admin:Improved migration validation

    docuvita.Web:Dashboard clicks and dvrunquery calls are now loading only one preview

    -docuvita.Workflow: Starting an approval workflow on a new document version does not reset approval flag on object

    -docuvita.Client: Hopefully fixed display bug with multiple monitors with some special nvidia desktop cards #DV2-901 Fixed

    -docuvita.WinClient: Enable opening of Visio 2013 (and newer) files (VSDX)

    -docuvita.WinClient: Viewer for text files now shows Umlaut characters correctly (UTF8 and ANSI). #DV2-935: Fixed

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Deleting messages one-by-one instead of batch when using IMAP fetch feature. #DV2-931: Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: key fields are now also checked when objects are relocated (SetParent operation). #DV2-921: Fixed

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Optimized error message when file upload to server fails. #DV2-930: Fixed

    -docuvita.WinClient: Excel add-in can now save XLSM files (with macros)

    -docuvita.Server: Ensure proper object maintenance after object type change. #DV2-926: Fixed

    -docuvita.Client: new PDF printer

    -docuvita.WinClient: Enable creating new word documents from DOTX templates. #DV2-918: Fixed

  • Build 2.0.760.6288
  • erstellt am Montag, den 20. März 2017
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Fixed loading of old WordContentParser configurations. #DV2-882 Fixed

  • Build 2.0.759.6285
  • erstellt am Freitag, den 17. März 2017
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Enable processing of TIFFs in OJPEG (old-jpeg) compression style

    -docuvita.WinClient: Faster closing of the application

    docuvita.Server: Fixed bug in version delete task where version removal
    transaction could not be committed correctly.

    -docuvita.Server: Skip logging of error messages for autocomplete service with illegal values. #DV2-857 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: Prevent accidental clearing of user's favorites. #DV2-895 Fixed

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: MailContentParser can now process encrypted mails. #DV2-903 Fixed

    -docuvita.Workflow: Log now shows (optionally) who is assigned to a new task. #DV2-298 Fixed

    docuvita.Workflow: Fixed task descriptions for integrated info/followup
    workflows in workflow list
    docuvita.Workflow: Task comment can now be set initially when a task is

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed concurrent connections to the server made by server plugins. #DV2-863 Fixed

    -docuvita.WinClient: Changed Outlook addin so docuvita client does not appear in foreground with "Save to inbox" command.

    -docuvita.Server:Added index on extendedattribute, workflow tables, filesize bigint #DV2-879 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Batch imports now report correct error message if date values could not be parsed. #DV2-886 Fixed

    -docuvita.Admin:Improved update timing behavior while update and install processes

    -docuvita.Setup:Fixed bug where Services without PathName lead to an error during installation

    -DV2-646: Fixed
    docuvita.Web: Fixed the stackimport preview of a document, when the file name is containing a dot besides the filename extension.

    -DV2-855: Fixed
    docuvita.Web: An objecttype field with a 'Datetime' type will now only display the date in the object property window, if the time is set to '00:00:00'.

    -docuvita.Server:Corrected database script. (long running update problems in 2.0.735)

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: Limit CPU and memory usage by OcrRunner. #DV2-858 Fixed

    -docuvita.Workflow: WordBookmarkReplacementAction with new logic module (dvs.DocumentWorker)

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: When IMAP mails could not be downloaded correctly, they are not deleted from the server. #DV2-866 Fixed

    -DV2-832 Fixed
    docuvita.Web: Show relations now displays the correct tab name.

    -DV2-832 Fixed
    docuvita.Web: Show relations does now display the correct tab name.

    -docuvita.Client:Opening CSV,MSG,EML,TXT is now supported. For all other types an open with dialog is shown

    -docuvita.Client:Now really fixed bug from last commit #DV2-856 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: batchimport "preimportscript/postimportscript" now accept new parameters ([pre|post]importscriptparam)

    -docuvita.Client:Fixed naming issue while import mails via drag and drop #DV2-856 Fixed

    -docuvita.Admin:Improved logging for simple update steps

    -docuvita.Admin:Improved logging of simple installation

  • Build 2.0.746.6247
  • erstellt am Dienstag, den 7. Februar 2017
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Fixed component licensing bug introduced in build 2.0.722

    -docuvita.Server: When an object is dragged to a new position, path calculation is now correct even if the object is changed right after that

    DLLs that carry the same assembly name internally (fixed bug in Razor
    view engine configuration)

  • Build 2.0.744.6246
  • erstellt am Montag, den 6. Februar 2017
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Server: Implementation of push messages (first step: for new/completed workflow tasks)

    docuvita.Client:While menus are open, viewer will be hidden

    -docuvita.Web:Open task count is now shown in task tab

  • Build 2.0.742.6243
  • erstellt am Freitag, den 3. Februar 2017
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed MSSQL script for prerelease version 2.0.740.6241

  • Build 2.0.740.6241
  • erstellt am Mittwoch, den 1. Februar 2017
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Client: "Real" parent object is also displayed in list of linked objects. #DV2-833 Fixed

    -docuvita.WinClient: Sending documents by mail is now logged correctly in history. #DV2-839 Fixed

    -docuvita.WinClient: PDF preview now retains zoom level. #DV2-826 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Batch import now reports multiple documents that violate key field restrictions in the log. #DV2-812 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Individual text can be entered as delete reason. #DV2-659 In Progress

    -docuvita.Client:Error messages regarding license exceedance while single sign on will now show correctly #DV2-825 Fixed

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: When extracting full text from e-mails with OCR capable attachments, all working files are deleted correctly

    -docuvita.WinClient: Fixed preview of certain PDF documents

    -docuvita.Client:Catch of an unhandled exception in editmanager

    -docuvita.Setup:Added standard firewall rules for nginx and socuvita.Server.Bundle.wxs(sso)

    -docuvita.Admin:Fixed update progress information while updating database #DV2-652 Fixed

    -docuvita.Admin: Server maintenance window is now sized automatically #DV2-556 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server:Fixed issues with _ or - tokens in names of imageresources in db script

    -docuvita.Client: Improved handling for checked out files #DV2-631 Fixed

    -docuvita.DemoToolKit: Corrected system link config

    -docuvita.Server:Corrected script entry 1 in database script 2.0.655

    -docuvita.DemoToolKit:Created demodatabase for mssql

    -docuvita.Web: Overflow menu items in objecttypedefinitionlist are now working correctly #DV2-651 Fixed

    -docuvita.Workflow: initial workflow startup parameters can now be validated using a WorkflowValueFormValidation script

    docuvita.Workflow: task form validation and workflow value validation
    scripts can now call API functions

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed wrong file icon and version count in object list. #DV2-813 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server: Batch delete task now deletes entries correctly in "dwadmin.versions" database table. #DV2-609 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server:small bugfixes

    -docuvita.Admin: system is installed with virtual deletion as standard
    docuvita.Admin: for installations a daily backup task will be created

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: DateTime fields now also accept yyyyMMdd format, e.g. 20170117

    -docuvita.Server: First steps for new access permission logic

    -docuvita.Server: Prevent crashing of secondary server instance when an error occurs while opening full text index

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Fixed repeating upload of failed imports when import GUID already exists on server #DV2-815 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web:Object list will now scroll to new objects

    -docuvita.Client:Scan a new version is now available via start menu too #DV2-765 Fixed

    -docuvita.Server:When trying to connect to an nonexistent system the server will respond with 404 DV2-809
    docuvita.Client:If server send 404 while connecting the client will show an explaining message box #DV2-809 Fixed

    -docuvita.Web: Added the new clipboard with a export function.
    docuvita.Client: Added the new clipboard with a export and send function.
    docuvita.Server: Added german and english language pack for the new clipboard.

    -docuvita.Server: Download of encrypted documents failed with migrated files from version 1.9, #DV2-814 Fixed

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: PdfContentParser now accepts PDFs with form fields. #DV2-804 Fixed

    -docuvita.Workflow: User dropdown lists (UserListForWorkflowRole) are now sorted alphabetically #DV2-805 Fixed

    -docuvita.DocumentServices: OCR engine update to prevent hanging OcrRunner process and optimize results. #DV2-750 Fixed

    docuvita.WinClient: Viewer shows specific error message when preview
    handler could not be created (for office documents)

    docuvita.Client: Scan-/inboximport were deleted, when a mandatory field of an element was invalid. Now it will be kept in the Inbox until the upload was successful or it is manually deleted.

    docuvita.Client: Scan-/inboximports in a stackimport were deleted without saving them in docuvita, if a mandatory field was invalid.

    docuvita.Client: Fixed a bug where scan/inbox imports were deleted, when a mandatory field was invalid.

    -docuvita.Server: Users with delete admin functions can now remove delete flags in delete control list #DV2-781 Fixed

    -DV2-762 Fixed

    docuvita.WinClient: After adding files to scan dialog, they can be
    deleted from source via message box dialog.

    docuvita.AutoProfiler: (daily) log files on disk are now split into
    100MB files

    -docuvita.Server: Prevent nested database sessions in configuration cache and workflow

    docuvita.Server: Prevent OutOfMemoryException during index writing

    docuvita.AutoProfiler: Error message is logged when source folder is not
    found, but log folder is available

    docuvita.Server: Check-out and unlock do not set "edited" date of document.

    docuvita.Server: Workflow search now also filters object decription

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Updated Mail library (for IMAP access) to version 3.0.16356.1602

    be opened once

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Show general error message when IronPython script execution fails in test form

    docuvita.Server: Fix user name entry in workflow log when a workflow is
    aborted manually by a user (instead of terminated by workflow engine)

    -docuvita.Admin:Refactored and bugfixed backup functionality.
    docuvita.Admin:It is now configurable how many backup sets will be kept

    -docuvita.Admin:Further implementation of backup

    -docuvita.Admin:Cronjob can now be stated immediately
    docuvita.Admin:Small bugfixes
    docuvita.Admin:Extended and prepared cron job handling for using plugins

  • Build 2.0.721.6192
  • erstellt am Mittwoch, den 14. Dezember 2016
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed error where object path elements are wrong after drag&drop of object (cache clearing)

  • Build 2.0.720.6192
  • erstellt am Mittwoch, den 14. Dezember 2016
    Server.Setup Client.Setup

    -docuvita.Server: Increased timeout for advanced queries to 180sec. #DV2-771 Fixed

    docuvita.AutoProfiler: Fixed bug where old XmlContentParser
    configuration could not be read. #DV2-493 Fixed

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: DataLookups, scripts and import templates can now use fields from previous document (use @@PREVIOUS.Fieldname@@)

    docuvita.Server: Prevent nested database sessions in batch import
    worker. #DV2-763 Fixed

    docuvita.Server: Fixed batch import error counter and reporting to batch
    import session

    docuvita.Server: batch imports that include workflow starts do not fail
    completely when workflow start was not possible.

    docuvita.Server: XML templates with comma values in key fields are now
    processed correctly.

    docuvita.Server: Fixed handling of XML templates (nested database

    -docuvita.Admin:Implemented several windows client download options at different positions #DN-30 Fixed
    docuvita.Admin:2D barcode licenses are now taken into account by license pack uploads #DV2-722 Fixed
    docuvita.Admin:Workaround for non activated autoprofiler licenses #DV2-523 Fixed
    docuvita.Admin:Fixed bug in configure backup list for products
    docuvita.Admin:Old docuvita service should now be stopped automatically before migration starts

    -docuvita.Admin:Handled problems while adding user to local admin group with an try catch

    -docuvita.Workflow: Removed padding with blank characters with short file attachments in EmailAction

    docuvita.Workflow: Calling StartWorkflow API operation from an
    OperationPlugin's DocumentUploadFinished event does no longer cause

    -docuvita.Server: Fixed KeyValidationException message to report first violating object ID.

    To be used in new dialog that allows direct versioning of existing
    document with the same key fields.

    -docuvita.Workflow: Fixed API call in workflow action where request failed because of call context not being "workflow admin"

    docuvita.Workflow: Ensure that SetTaskResult in workflow actions always
    overwrites existing workflow values for a given task's result (e.g.

    -docuvita.Server: Added related objects counter for future info in UI

    docuvita.Web: Queries for fields with predefined values now also allow
    free text entry

    -docuvita.Office.Addins:Fixed branding issues #DN-36 Fixed

    docuvita.Client: The application will be in the foreground, after a successful file drag & drop to the application window.
    -docuvita.Web:Fixed bug where last selected item in workspace is selected after expanding another. #DV2-704 Fixed

    docuvita.Server: Full text searches now also query notes and version

    -docuvita.Client:Start paramater /FSR:true suppresses loading animation while startup
    docuvita.Client: The application will be in the foreground, after a successful file drag & drop.
    -docuvita.Web: Reorganized object menu to improve usability.
    docuvita.Web: It is now possible to connect objects via drag&drop.

    docuvita.Server: Correct access permissions (instead of none) are shown
    of full text queries when result has only ACL permission instead of
    access rules.

    -docuvita.Server: BatchObjectChanger now supports filtering source objects by abspath/specified sub element

    -docuvita.Web:Further implementation of show object relations ui

    -docuvita.Web:Frisr clientside implementation of showobjectrelation ui

    -Reduced usage of anglicisms in the german language pack. Therefore "link" was replaced with "verknüpfen".

    -docuvita.Server: Batch import with loctype/locvalue now allows locvalue with commas, eg. article number "006-D13x9,5 ST"

    -docuvita.DatabaseService: Updated to PostgreSQL 9.3.15

    -docuvita.AutoProfiler: Added option to wait n seconds after last write access before file is processed

    -docuvita.Server: Added missing parameters for OperationPlugins in OperationPluginConfig object

    -docuvita.Server: Added new API operation "GetObjectRelations"

    -docuvita.Web: Fixed lookup values for searching approved/non-approved documents

    -docuvita.Admin:Now preinstall check retunr true in installation mode

    -docuvita.Admin:Fixed bugs which leads to errors in install and update mode

    -docuvita.Admin:Further improvements for automatic migration processes

    -docuvita.Client:Improved errorhandling while clientside document upload

    -docuvita.Admin:Now the index should be transferred by migration steps

    -docuvita.Admin:Further implementation of migration functionality

    -docuvita.Admin:Fixed and refactored migration steps

    docuvita.Web:Fixed small bug in object's workflow presentation

    -docuvita.Admin:Further implementation of migration functionality.